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We carefully select dogs for our breeding program that we believe will have excellent temperaments, correct structure and conformation, and great health. Beautiful color is always an added bonus! Before any of those dogs will be bred, they must grow and mature, and show that they are the right match for our breeding program. They also must pass heath testing for over 150 genetic disorders, x-rayed and graded hips testing, and genetic diversity testing. We also test them for color and coat type. We then carefully pair them with the dog that will best complement them to produce your next best friend!

All of our dogs are pets first and foremost. We are not a kennel, our dogs share our home and beds! They have acreage to run and play on, but most of all love to be snuggled up with us. They are a part of the family, as all poodles should be! Some of our dogs live in guardian homes which means they live with another person or family that allows them to be the absolute spoiled center of attention. It allows us to keep these dogs as a part of our breeding program, but insure all of our dogs have their needs fully met. We refuse to cut corners by having more dogs in our home than we can properly care for. We do occasionally look for people to be guardians for our dogs. If interested please contact us!

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"Absolutely WONDERFUL. We got a beautiful black one last litter. He is smart, well behaved and so loving. The Le Harrell's are a fabulous family. We picked ours at a week old and they welcomed me every time I wanted to come and visit. They are a MUST if your looking for a Standard Poodle."

- Debbie B.

"I love Taryn and her breeding program so much that I bought two puppies within 6 months from her and had them flown to California. These are two of the finest dogs I have ever owned. They are healthy, beautiful, socialized, easy to train......I could go on and on. And they adore children.....thank you Lily! I highly recommend Le Harrell's standard poodles."

- Nancy S.

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