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* Curly is retired!* Curly is a beautiful solid black female. She is incredibly smart, and can literally learn anything! She is my main girl and is by my side at all times. She is calm and affectionate, but also incredibly athletic. She holds CGC, CGCA, TKN, and TKI titles through AKC. Curly produces wonderful puppies that share her temperament. She has produced puppies that have gone on to become therapy and service dogs, conformation show dogs, agility dogs, dogs that compete in obedience, hunting champions, and of course spoiled rotten pets! She carries for black, brown, and phantom. She's genetically health tested and has OFA good hips. She has been tested for genetic diversity through UC Davis, and has high diversity, far higher than breed average. This helps to produce healthier puppies with less chance of developing autoimmune disorders, among other things. 

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